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Your heart beats approximately 70 times per minute or 100 000 times a day. During an average lifetime the human heart can pump enough blood to fill two oil tankers. No matter what you are doing mentally or physically, your heart is programmed to deliver oxygen-rich blood to your organs every day for as long as you live. It never gets tired and never rests.

All about location

Placing your right hand across your heart on the left-hand side of your chest is a demonstration of national pride in many countries. However, contrary to popular belief, your heart is not on the left-hand side of your chest. It sits between your lungs in the centre of your chest leaning slightly to the left.

The human heart is not red

In spite of the iconic bright red ‘heart-shaped’ icon with which we associate the heart and emotional matters of the heart, this incredible organ is not bright red. While the blood your heart pumps is red, your heart is in fact, a darker, maroon-brown shade. In addition, the surface of your heart has fatty deposits (not related to weight), which can also make your heart appear yellow.

“Broken heart syndrome” is real

Emotional upheaval and stress can cause you to experience sudden, intense chest pain similar to a heart attack. This causes your body to release certain hormones, which, in extreme cases, can temporarily paralyse parts of your heart. The condition is treatable and in the vast majority of cases, the heart recovers within weeks.

How healthy is your heart?

Your risk of heart problems might be higher or lower than you think. But you won’t know unless you find out for yourself. Prevention really is your best defence.

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