yoga myths

There are many myths around the practice of yoga. Here we debunk a few:

You need to be fit to do yoga

There is a misperception that yoga can only be done by the super-fit, but that does not reflect the face of yoga. No matter your size or ability, yoga and its many variations, can be beneficial to everybody.

Yoga is for women

Many people believe that the gentle, slowness of yoga is not suitable for men, or men can’t reach the flexibility required for yoga. But now, there are many professional athletes practicing yoga to enhance their physical ability and aid muscle recovery from injury. Yoga is effective to develop physically, mentally and spiritually, for everyone.

Yoga can’t help me lose weight

You might think that you would need fast and intense exercises to have weight-loss effects. Yoga seems so gentle, so how can this help burn calories efficiently? Yoga has the ability to support weight loss by increasing your body metabolism. It also helps with controlling breathing, increasing strength, and reducing stress.

You need money to practice yoga

Whilst you may need a yoga mat to practise yoga in a public studio, the cost overall is very low. You don’t need specialised equipment or clothing, and if you’re doing yoga at home, you could quite easily practise on a towel, carpet or even wooden floor.

Yoga is the same as meditation

While yoga incorporates meditation, it is not only meditation. In the very early days of yoga in Western society, the emphasis was on meditation and philosophy. The focus nowadays incorporates a totally holistic view, with people practising yoga to achieve physical fitness and flexibility, as well as being calm and centred.

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