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Dry Hand Skincare

Gloves In A Bottle is a unique all in one shielding and dry skin care lotion, especially effective at providing instant comfort for dry hand skincare.


Gloves in a Bottle is a unique all in one shielding and dry skin care lotion. It is manufactured in the USA and is scientifically proven to be 6 times more effective than conventional artificial moisturisers.

That which differentiates Gloves In A Bottle from other products is the fact that it offers a shielding property. The efficacy of the shielding property found in Gloves in A Bottle is two fold in that it :

  1. Locks out moisture depleting irritants that we come into contact with on a daily basis. These include moisture depleting irritants such as chemicals, detergents, household products, alcohol based anti-bacterial soaps, chlorine (swimming), sun, dirt, grease and grime etc.
  1. Locks in the natural moisture and oils of the skin. This is achieved whilst still allowing for your skin to breathe and perspire naturally, further ensuring that your skin has the platform and ability to function optimally.

Taking the above into consideration, it makes perfect sense that if it is achievable to maintain the natural moisture and oils of our skin by “locking them in”, whilst simultaneously preventing moisture depleting irritants from additionally removing our natural moisture oils from our skin, we achieve an ideal platform that is far more conducive and effective in maintaining a healthy skin.


Images of actual results achieved when using Gloves In A Bottle


Our skin is made up of 7 layers. The very outer most layer ie. external layer, comprises or is made up of dead skin cells. These are micro sized cells and are not visible to the naked eye. Our skin is in a constant state of natural exfoliation thus realizing that at any one time, these microscopic dead skin cells are constantly “falling off” our skin surface.

When applied, Gloves In a Bottle attaches to these “dead skin cells” and creates a web like barrier over the external surface of the skin. It is this very barrier that locks in the natural moisture and oils whilst simultaneously locks out moisture depleting irritants. The application of Gloves In A Bottle in no way hinders the natural exfoliation of your skin and thus a single application last 4 – 12 hours ie. the average time it takes for a persons skin to naturally exfoliate.

An added advantage of using Gloves In A Bottle as opposed to conventional moisturiser is that Gloves In A Bottle does not  wash off through conventional washing of your hands, face or body. If you were to apply a conventional type moisturiser to your skin and then were to wash that area of skin as you would under normal daily washing, all potential benefits of using the artificial moisturiser would be lost as the conventional moisturiser would simply be washed away. It really is an amazing concept and technology – Gloves In A Bottle undoubtedly offers dry skin care and protection like never before.


Dry skin care and protection like never before

  • Internationally recommended and used by more than 9500 Dermatologists and medical practitioners;
  • Fragrance free, grease free, hypo allergenic, non toxic, does not block skin pores;
  • Works in conjunction with our own natural moisture and oils as opposed to flooding the skin surface with artificial moisture;
  • Suitable for hands, face and body;
  • Leaves your skin feeling satin smooth once applied and achieves amazing results;
  • Keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out;
  • Locks out moisture depleting irritants whilst simultaneously locks in natural moisture and oils;
  • Allows skin to breathe and perspire naturally;
  • Scientifically tested to be 6 x more effective than artificial conventional moisturisers.



Conventional artificial moisturisers simply flood the external surface of our skin with artificial moisture. The result of this is that we end up sending the wrong signal to our body, telling it we have sufficient moisture and oils to maintain a healthy skin.

This is the reason why, when you forget to, or no longer apply the artificial moisturiser to your skin, your skin feels drier than when you first started applying the artificial moisturiser.

Sadly, artificial moisturisers generally affords you temporary relief, and as such your skin continuously cries out for more moisturising. A catch 22 scenario and a rather undesired vicious cycle.

Gloves In A Bottle works in conjunction with your body and its natural ability to produce the natural moisture and oils required to maintain a healthy skin.

It does not flood your skin with artificial moisture, but rather allows your body the opportunity to produce the natural moisture and oils required by you to maintain deep level nourishment through all 7 layers of your skin.

The results that are achieved are long lasting as deep routed nourishment takes place from the inside out and not from the outside in.

Scientifically proven to be 6 times more effective than artificial moisturisers