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1. Say no to plastic

A plastic-free lifestyle will be within reach this upcoming year as more consumers become aware of the danger it poses, not only for the environment but also to our health.

There are many ways to cut plastic from your life, and until you truly take stock of all the plastic pieces in your fridge and cupboard, you will never realise just how dependent we are on it.

Easy ways to cut plastic out of your life: Invest in reusable cloth bags for shopping, say no to plastic cutlery when ordering takeout, ask for takeout coffee in your non-plastic coffee travel mug and buy products packaged in cardboard or glass.

2. Sustainable meat alternatives

Plant-based and “part-time” veganism is on the increase as households experiment with meat-free Mondays or cutting down on their meat intake from Monday to Friday.

With animal cruelty being a hot topic and new studies showing a decrease in meat in our diets is actually good for us, more and more people are turning to meat-free alternatives.

3. Hemp, CBD, and marijuana-based products

With many countries, including South Africa, relaxing their laws around marijuana consumption, more and more people are turning to cannabis and hemp products.

The herb has proven to help people living with multiple sclerosis and epilepsy, and users can rest assured that CBD products won’t cause the “high” that is associated with THC.

Regardless of whether you plan to try any of the above, do ensure that you budget on self-care and time-out sessions in 2019. Mental health has taken centre stage this year and society is starting to see the much-needed value of mindfulness and self-care practices.


Article origin: The South African


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