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Your body is a remarkable machine comprised of 206 bones, more than 600 muscles and 78 organs, all of which are coordinated by the brain. The organs, cells and tissues in your body together form 11 organ systems. Each system is reliant on the other to keep your body functioning at optimal levels. Even a minor dysfunctional component can impact your health.

Sleep Deprivation
Sleep Deprivation

Find out how to fall asleep faster, the ideal sleep amount and the ramifications of too little. When we get fewer than seven hours, we’re impaired (to degrees that vary from person to person). When sleep persistently falls below six hours per 24, we are at an increased risk of health problems.

Stress: Who needs it?
Stress: Who needs it?

Whether you’re at college or university, or still working through high school, the pressure on you to perform well is huge. You are not only required to focus during classes; but need to understand and recall the work as well in order to achieve good results in tests and exams.

How we can help you to better understand your body

Our purpose is to promote a clear understanding and appreciation of how the human body works. We encourage you to browse our website to access, useful, educational, and shareable healthcare information.

Netcells- Overview of Stem Cells

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Reliably sourced and medically correct

All of our material is referenced from reliable sources and is medically correct. This means that you can make informed healthcare decisions including what your next step should be when consulting your healthcare professional. The best part is that there’s no jargon. Our information is presented in plain language, using terminology that’s easy to understand.

Your Baby's Sleep Routine by Baby Sense

What our healthcare information typically includes

Within each health topic we provide information on how a particular component of your body functions and what happens when it isn’t working properly. We include symptoms and causes, practical insights, and tips to make the necessary lifestyle changes to improve your quality of life. Each healthcare topic also includes specific locally available products to assist in the healing process.

Common health topics covered

We cover important common issues on men’s health, women’s health and children’s health. Topics include everything from acne, bedwetting in children and bladder weakness in adults to allergic reactions, colds and flu, and restless legs syndrome. We also cover blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes, joint health, insomnia, hair loss, erectile dysfunction and more. In addition to our topical digital healthcare brochures, we regularly post articles and videos too.

Putting you in charge of your health and well-being

We respond to your needs by providing need-to-know healthcare information. The difference is that we do this in a way that breaks down the physical complexities of the human body into digestible, actionable healthcare information.

Our aim is to continue to publish relevant content that is easily accessible and available at various touch points. By reading our user-friendly health topics we hope to take you on a non-intimidating and illustrative journey of discovery and understanding so that you can take a more active role in your health and wellbeing.

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